Do we just drop and take these

small fragments of self and store them in those

who store themselves inside us

until we forget which pieces were which?


Accept exceptions except the exceptions to the accepting exceptions injunction

I need to write more


at least I think so

sometimes it’s hard to tell if this thing is helping me or focusing all my self

depricating tendencies

My new therepist says I’m passive

But I’m pretty sure he’s a moron who probably thinks I’m some sort of wimp

But I’m not


I actually hate most things; I guess that includes me if you make a whole list


But it’s okay, I guess

I just want someone to yell at

Someone who has to listen

Someone I pay to take it all in

I pay to absolve my own guilt

Maybe 700 last year wasn’t quite enough

Enough is always a short hand for more than you have

But I think I have what I need

Except I need to accept it.

Except needing to accept it,

I have what I need.

I need to accept that I have it and accept it’s glad to have me.

I guess I don’t have enough then

Classic human condition

Maybe I’ll laugh a little and then go to sleep