People hate insects,
but prefer to watch the birds.
But, both fly. Who cares….



Some poets think they need

to travel the world for that

inspirational spark. Dickinson

stayed in her home. Wrote

in the same meter for years.

Maybe I should stop counting

and lining up all my syllables.

Else, I’ll end up a recluse like

Dickinson. A talented recluse,

but a recluse, nonetheless…

Student Athlete

Staring at the map of last Saturday
trying to take it all in at once

I can remember almost every detail
so clearly
so odd
for someone
with my memory capacity

All the pictures by signs
all the good food
and good times with you

It helps me
with remembering
why I’m becoming
a student athlete meme

to get back to you

never stop hustling
John 3:16

Just as crunchy, but much less flavor

Have you ever taken a bag of potato chips on a plane?

My current theory is that the lack of outside pressure causes the inside gas to expand.

I haven’t looked it up, but it seems sound.

The pressure builds up inside the bag.

Probably, the same reason your ears pop.


Sometimes I wonder

if it’s why I get so anxious on planes.

All the thoughts getting pushed to the surface.

Excitement, when heading where I want to go.

Sadness, when leaving where I want to be.

Maybe it’s the isolation.

A bunch of people sitting together

staring at the back of seats

all unaware of each other’s

existential crisises.

Until we put our tray tables up,

unrelax our seats

and brace for landing.

I try to remember but it all just blends together.
It’s kinda hard to tell exactly where
the minute hand crosses from afar.

But was I happy?
(Yea, sure. I remember it. Splendidly)

No. Really.
(I don’t know. If I could answer. Truthfully)

But was it worth it?
(I think I’m. Too scared. Of wasting time.
Oh, god. Am I wasting it? Right now?)

Better plan,
to make the most of it.

Better plan,
to plan better in the future

Better plan,
hold off longer,
defer your own reward.

Better plan,
to live better later.

What do you remember?
(Not much. Honestly.)

But were you happy?
(I said “I don’t know,” truthfully.)

If you don’t remember
does it matter?
(I’m seriously unsure.)

What’s in the future?
(Hopefully, happiness.
Currently, hope.)

What’s the point?
(What you mean?)

There’s a future’s future.