Maybe I find these people
Exhausting because I know them too well

or maybe it is because
Family is a set of expectations

Arbitrarily set rolls
that have developed through several decades

God forbid we readjust
God forbid we analyze anything

It’s a persistant battle
to claim an imaginary birthright

Hard-ass straight shooter versus
“Kind,” whimsical, idealistic dreamer

Despite the kindess displayed
Being surface level and self-serving

Hard-ass has written for years,
mentioned it, but no one cared to listen.

I wonder why he doesnt dream.
He was never given that luxury

his agreeability
commodified and expected out right

Go against the written script
and you’re the stubborn, obstinate asshole

But the dreamer gets his way
by complaining and leveraging his whine.

I was told to “get a grip”
And dealt with it. I guess I turned out fine.