I think it was 4 years ago
back when we were brutish youths,
We drank Takka
and it wasn’t that bad
And we had to blow up
your air mattress with our lungs
Because we feared the pump
would wake your parents.
I remember lying on it
felt like I was on a boat
And I was sure I’d fall off
by morning (which I did).
We watched the Onion Movie
and stayed up too late
To wish you a happy birthday.


I’m glad to say,
we’ve remained friends
without much friction.
We switched from Takka
to trendy craft beer
(and shitty bulk beer)
and fancy cocktails
at a trendy bar
(instead of the local park.)

But somehow,
I still end up sleeping
on makeshift cushions.

I fell off by morning.

Some things never change.



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